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No undertaking of a broad-based rollography is possible without the willing and generous assistance and support from many individuals.

The following individuals and institutions provided access, advice, clarification, information and other valued assistance, all of which was crucial to the development and presentation of this rollography.


Jeff Alterman; Aveni Family ; Jerry Biasella; Bill Black; A. B. Bonds; Chris Carlisle; Matthew Caulfield; Barbara Charles; Arnold Chase; Fred Dahlinger Jr.;
John Daniel; Chris Doring; Will Eley; Bill Endlein; Mike Grant; Scotty Greene; Dave Haibach; Bill and Rosanna Harris; Doug Hershberger; Joe Hilferty;
Frank Himpsl; Howe Archive, University of Maryland; Humphrey Company; Don Janisch; Dana Johnson; George Karpel; Bill Klinger; Knoebels Grove Park;
Tom Kuehn; Richard A. LeVangie; Dick Lokemoen; Rick Lohr; Looff carousel, Spokane, WA.; Dale Lukes; John Malone; Gavin McDonough ; Roger Morrison;
Don Neilsen; Bob Newman; Rich Olsen; Bruce Pier; Paul Quam; Art Reblitz; Dan Robinson; Jasper Sanfilippo; Ralph Schultz; Bob Stuhmer;
Larry Villano; Tim Westman; David Wilder; Craig Wiley; Jim Williams; Tom Wurdeman; Dave Wynn

Thank you one and all.


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